This page enables users to evaluate the nature (Primary or Secondary) for any CR particle (for now ONLY protons) and for any position (see this page for rigidity calculation)

Particle trajectory is reconstructed solving backward in time the Lorentz equation in a given magnetic field. Models used to evaluate internal and external contribution to the total magnetic field are IGRF 2015 and Tsyganenko 2005.

To run the code follow this link:

Input Parameters

Input data are:

  • particles position
  • rigidity
  • particles direction
  • time (year ONLY in the interval 1965-2015).


Output Parameters

output data are:

  • Nature of thge particle (0 secondary, 1 primary)
  • Trajectory time (in sec.)
  • Trajectory length (in Earth radii Re)
  • Final position
  • Asymptotic Directions




1.00 Re = 6371,2 km / 1.00 Re is the Earth surface

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