This page enables users to convert, for different particles as electrons and ions, the rRgidity to Kinetic Energy per Nucleons and viceversa. The conversion is performed  using the following formula:


Where  \(R\) is the Rigidity, \(A\) is the atomic number, \(Z\) is the charge, \(T\) is the kinetic energy per nucelon, \(T_{0}\) is the rest energy.

To run the code follow this link:

Input Parameters

Input data are:

  • Particle (0 for Electrons, 1 for Protons, 2 for Helium nuclei, etc., up to 5 for Boron)
  • Conversion: 0 from Rigidiy to Energy or 1 from Energy to Rigidity
  • Rigidity (or Energy) value in GV (GeV).

Output Parameters

output data are:

  • Particle Type
  • Conversion Type
  • Energy (or Rigidity)


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