This page enables users to calculate the main rigidity cut-off for any incoming direction of the particle and for any altitude. The cut-off is calculated in the shifted dipole approximation, with the Stoermer's formula you can find here.

To perform Rigidity Cutoff Calculation please follow this link:


The Earth Magnetic dipole position and inclination, in addition to the magnetic moment value, are updated at November 2016. Rigidity Cutoff and  Geomagnetic coordinates are calculated in the simple shifted-tilted dipole model.

Input Parameters

Input values are

  • geographical latitude (from -88 to +88 deg.)
  • geographic longitude  (from 0 to 360 deg.)
  • altitude from the Earth's surface (>0 in km) 
  • Incoming latitude (from -88 to +88 deg.)
  • Incoming longitude (from 0 to 360 deg.)


Ouput values are

  • geomagnetic latitude
  • geomagnetic longitude
  • distance from the center of the dipole
  • rigidity cutoff (in GV)