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  • GeoMagSphere Web Calculators

GeoMagSphere data sets and results can be freely downloaded or copied. However, the user should make the appropriate acknowledgment or citation, e.g., see  Citations or Bibliography  pages. The data generated by using the Calculator may be used by GeoMagSphere developers for statistical purpose.

  • Primary Cosmic Rays

This page enables users to evaluate the nature (Primary or Secondary) for any CR particle (for now ONLY protons) and for any position (see this page for rigidity calculation)

Particle trajectory is reconstructed solving backward in time the Lorentz equation in a given magnetic field. Models used to evaluate internal and external contribution to the total magnetic field are IGRF 2020 and Tsyganenko 2005.

To run the code follow this link:

Input Parameters

Input data are:

  • Particles position
  • Rigidity
  • Particles direction
  • Time 


  • Latitude should be in th erange -88 and + 88 deg
  • Longitude should be in the range 0-360 deg
  • Altitude should be > 0
  • Month should be in the range between 1 and 12, day of the month accordingly
  • Year should be ONLY in the interval 1965-2025).


Output Parameters

output data are:

  • Nature of the particle (0 secondary, 1 primary)
  • Trajectory time (in sec.)
  • Trajectory length (in Earth radii Re)
  • Final position
  • Asymptotic Directions




An artmosphere of 100 km above Earth surface is included as inner boundary

1.00 Re = 6371,2 km / 1.00 Re is the Earth radius - Earth surface

For any additional informations or questions  you can ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.